Results achieved

  • Assisting several victims’ families to identify their relatives, either directly or through Syrian organizations.

  • Supporting the case before the Spanish judiciary in 2016 with some documents and evidence in cooperation with Guernica 37.

  • Organizing a coordination meeting between the Syrian human rights organizations and the European Center for Constitutional Rights and Human Rights in Berlin.

  • Initiating a criminal complaint before the German judiciary and Swedish, Austrian, Norwegian judiciary.

  • Supporting proceedings in Germany and Austria in cooperation with the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights.

  • Supporting proceedings before the French judiciary.

  • Supporting Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act in the USA.

  • Organizing exhibitions of photographs of the victims in Germany and Denmark.

In order to achieve

its stated purpose, the association executes the following tasks

  • Monitoring and documenting human rights violations and providing training and networking opportunities to human rights activists and organizations.

  • Legal advice and support for prisoners of opinion and conscience and their families by helping them gain access to information on the fate of detainees and enforced disappearances.

  • Legal representation of and advocacy for prisoners of opinion and conscience and assist them in establishing proceedings before the competent courts.

  • Publication of legal studies and research on human rights.

  • Organize events and exhibitions on human rights violations in Syria and human rights